For our Aotearoa Country Special, we invited 10 world-leading creators to share their unique lens on the country’s burgeoning creative culture and their personal Travel Playbook of favorite places to visit. Come with us on a journey as we uncover the people and places that make Aotearoa New Zealand so inspiring.

Click through the carousel below to explore each creator's feature interview and Travel Playbook for their chosen place – from the majestic snowy mountains of Wānaka and wine regions of Central Otago, to the enriching coastlines of Auckland and world-class restaurants of Wellington.




‘I've traveled all over the world, yet the building blocks of my life are in Tāmaki Makaurau.’



Auckland Travel Playbook with Kiri Nathan

‘Piha is wild and dramatic. I love it when the weather's bad because the waves are so huge and crash onto the rocks.’


‘The reason I fell in love with Wellington is the vibe of expression, this individuality where people enjoy being themselves. It's a super creative place.'

—Dallas Tamaira

‘The South Island is uplifting, physically and mentally. It cleans you out. It makes you feel fresh and open, and relaxes you.'

—Derek Henderson

‘I love the people and the dynamic nature of our landscape, which then translates into edgy wine with good clarity.'

—Jen Parr

‘The Pacific and the Tasman are two completely different personalities, which is one of the things I love most about Auckland. Its opposites being thrown together.'

—Karen Walker

‘We have everything from mountains, lakes and oceans, and nothing can kill you!'

—Kiri Nathan

‘The Bay of Islands is a place that tugs at my heartstrings. It’s also a big part of where I find sanctuary and solace, a place that I go to design.'

—Maggie Hewitt

‘I've always been very proud of my city, and the creatives that have come from here.'

—Monique Fiso

‘There's so much you can do in Wānaka — so many sports — and it has lots of really creative people. It's a refreshing place and the center hub of opportunity.'

—Nico Porteous

‘The East Cape & Bay of Plenty ground me and help me to be rooted in the earth. They help my self-care and my relationship with my body and ancestors.'

—Sofia Minson