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About Jeremiah FRAITES

Jeremiah Fraites is the co-founder of The Lumineers: the Denver-born indie-folk band whose discography includes the hit singles ‘Ho Hey’, ‘Gloria,’ ‘Ophelia,’ and many more. Since Jeremiah founded the band with creative partner Wesley Schultz, he has been constantly touring — both within the US and around the world; racking up platinum certifications and Grammy nominations along the way. But in 2020, Jeremiah ended up somewhere you don’t often see on a tour schedule: Turin, Italy. His wife Francesca grew up there, and following the birth of their son and years of relentless stateside touring, a relocation to the northern Italian city felt like a natural move. We caught up with Jeremiah to talk about finding community in Italy, making music with spread-out bandmates, and where to go when you visit Turin.


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