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About Mariko

The thinking of Tokyo–born artist Mariko Mori is truly borderless. Living between Tokyo, London and New York, Mariko's curiosity has also taken her from Ethiopia to Brazil. This life spent exploring the globe has inspired her unmistakably futuristic and assuredly celestial work. Since creating her first piece in the late 1980s, Mariko’s art has sparked conversations around humankind’s trajectory and our global cultural connection. Most recently, Mariko's ongoing work for the Faou Foundation is seeing her create six monumental public artworks that nestle into an ecological location on each of earth's habitable continents. This unadulterated embodiment of what might lie ahead leaves audiences to question, is Mariko Mori indeed from the future? From her white walled studio in Tokyo, Mariko spoke to us about traveling to visit the past, preparing to move back to New York and her most loved places in NYC. 


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