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About Mary H K CHOI

Author and writer Mary H K Choi’s observant and tender take on the world is, in part, thanks to her global upbringing. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to Hong Kong before her first birthday. At the age of fourteen her family moved to America, stamping down in Texas, where she lived until the end of college. Transposing her qualification in fashion and textiles for the life of a scribe, she relocated to New York shortly after graduating and went on to work for a number of music publications. She has written for the likes of Wired, Elle and The Atlantic, pumped out a couple of DC and Marvel comics, and had a handful of books published, plus is host to popular podcasts series ‘Hey, Cool Job!’ and ‘Hey, Cool Life!’. For inspiration, Mary continues to dip into the creative wealth of the most storied city in America. We chat to Mary about her global outlook on the world, her love affair with New York and her insider Travel Gems to explore in the city.


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