Exceptional Alien is a platform that celebrates and shares the travels of inspiring creators.

Exceptional Alien began as a way to share the travels of our creative friends around the globe, and is growing as a global community who inspire us everyday with their creative lens on the world, and the places they love.


Through inspiring stories, entertainment and personal Travel Playbooks, we take you to places around the globe through a unique creative lens. 

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Our mission

Inspire people to see the world through diverse perspectives. 

Our name

Exceptional Alien is a celebration of diverse perspectives. 

Our name was inspired by the US visa for ‘aliens of exceptional ability’ in the arts, science, business, sport and entrepreneurial ventures. 

Through cultural exchange and understanding, what may feel alien at first, can bring us all closer.

What we do

When travelling, people ask trusted friends to share their experiences and recommendations. Exceptional Alien shares these recommendations at scale from the lens of exceptional creators. 


We interview inspirational people about places they love, and share their insights which you can learn from and follow. Thanks to the generosity of our global community, we have shared thousands of stories and destinations with many more to come. 

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Travel Playbooks

A Travel Playbook is a personal play-by-play curation of recommendations from inspiring creators around the globe. 


From favorite places to be inspired, adventure, eat, drink, relax and spend time with friends, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s a way to give back to the places and communities we appreciate by sharing them with others. 


You can save Travel Playbooks and curate your own. 

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Sustainable travel

We are passionate about re-imagining the future of travel. This means engaging in more mindful journeys, actions and initiatives to reduce the impact of travel on the planet. While we give back to the places we love by sharing them, we carefully consider the impact this will have on each destination, its environment and its community, before sharing. 

More on this soon but in the meantime please visit the UN Sustainable Development Goals for more information. https://sdgs.un.org