Adele LIM

Producer, screenwriter, director

Petaling Jaya > Los Angeles



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About Adele

It was never screenwriter and producer Adele Lim’s intention to live away from Malaysia longer than a few college years. It was also never Adele’s intention to work in entertainment. Yet, after two decades of working in LA, this Petaling Jaya native is one of the most electrifying voices in Hollywood today. 

As one of the writers behind ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and Disney’s ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, Adele has the goal to globalise authentic Southeast Asian culture and celebrate Asian female “kickass-ery”. In the last few years, this veteran screenwriter has become an unwavering advocate for the borderless power of authentic storytelling. From her home in LA, we chat to Adele about normalising the fierce working matriarchy, the vibrant immigrant communities of LA and her favorite pockets of the city.


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