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About Camille & Sonia TANOH

The cadence in output of New York-based brand The Proper Label is a little slower than most — but for very good reason. Sister–brother duo and Co-Founders Sonia and Camille Tanoh hold admirable steel in upkeeping the highest ethical and sustainable standards. From recycled and sustainably sourced materials, to workers’ rights, the Paris-born talents recognize the value — despite the obstacles — in building a brand that practices what it preaches. The pair travels often: from Côte d'Ivoire to Portugal, France and through the US, in order to keep an ear on the ground and give back to their global network of collaborators, workers and customers, as much as possible. We caught up with Camille and Sonia to chat about creating soulful fashion, travel as an incubator for empathy, and why they chose to settle in New York.


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