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For nearly two decades, journalist, author and poet Musa Okwonga has been sharpening his writing and bolstering his voice. As a black, bisexual man, his point of view has leaned away from societal expectations, instead challenging stubborn constructs in everything from education to sport. Yet, Musa's work oozes positivity and his ideas pave the way for a bold, new world. In 2014, he moved to Berlin to go off grid and write, only to have his creativity leap onto the world stage. Today, Musa co–hosts 'Stadio', one of the highest charting sport podcasts in the UK, and he is set to release three books in 2021, including his complicated love letter to Berlin: 'In The End It Was All About Love'. We chat to Musa about how creativity and travel inspire him and the inside track to explore his Berlin. 


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